Better Drinking Culture (BDC) is a social movement aimed to shift the world’s relationship with alcohol in a healthier and more positive direction.

BDC is launching their Universal Mug Club in August. It will give members access to drink out of BDC’s custom mug stored behind the bar at BDC’s roster of Certified Partners with the same benefits as those establishments’ own mug clubbers or loyalty program guests get to enjoy. The program will launch with approximately 5-7 establishments, with expectations of adding 3-5 new Certified Partners per month. The vision for the Universal Mug Club is to provide enhanced experiences for guests across the country when they visit BDC’s growing network of Certified Partners.

How does a universal mug club build a better drinking culture? To unlock access to the Universal Mug Club, people subscribe to become a member of the BDC with a modest annual financial contribution. These funds are used to develop and distribute resources and tools like BDC’s forthcoming book, The Drinker’s Manifesto, to help educate people how to have a healthier relationship with alcohol by empowering them to drink better.

BDC’s Universal Mug Club is a complementary component to their Certification Program, which distinguishes breweries, distilleries, bars, and restaurants for putting the health and safety of their customers first, and promoting quality over quantity.

How The Universal Mug Club Works Step 1

  • Put your name on the waiting list to join the BDC Membership Program. Those on the waiting list will get early access to test the program
  • The top 15 people on the waiting list get in for free
  • Download the BDC app as soon as the program launches Step 2
  • Visit our Certified Partners to enjoy their offered perks Step 3
  • Flash your virtual BDC Membership Card on your phone
  • Ask for your favorite beverage in the BDC Universal Mug Club glass
  • Drink out of it with pride, and share your experience on social media using the engagement prompts on the mug

To sign up on the waiting list, and for more information, visit online.