hopcatGrand Rapids–HopCat Grand Rapids is celebrating their anniversary January 23, but the party lasts all month long.

The celebration got an early start this Saturday with a release of special collaboration beers.

On January 23rd the official anniversary party will feature HopCat exclusive beers including bottles of Red Nymph and Oil Spiller.

hopcatFans of Hopcat’s famous fries can come hungry and enter the Crack Fries eating contest. The contest is $5 to join and all proceeds will be matched by HopCat and donated to the Humane Society of West Michigan.

The celebration continues on January 24th, as HopCat hosts a special anniversary beer dinner focused on house-brewed and collaboration beers paired with a four ­course, off­ menu meal. Tickets are $30 and the full menu of beer and scratch-made food is available here.


Look for these special releases at the anniversary party on January 23:

Atwater Bourbon Barrel Aged Teufelbock

Arcadia ­Bourbon Barrel Aged London Porter

Dark Horse ’14 Plead The Fifth

Arbor ’14 Demetrius

Rochester Mills ­Bourbon Barrel Aged Snow Dazed

Saugatuck ­Big Bitch Barleywine

Arcadia ­Shipwrecked Porter

Tapistry ­Batch 200

Vivant ­Belgian Weiss

Epic ­Big Bad Baptist

Founders ­ Project PAM

Mikkeller ’10 From: To: Via:

Perrin ’13 Bourbon Barrel Aged Rye Wine

Shorts ’14 Bourbon Wizard

New Belgium ’14 La Folie

HopCat ­Unicorn on Acid

HopCat ­I’m Not Sorry

HopCat/New Belgium Collaboration ­ Imperial Chocolate Cherry

HopCat ­Smore’s Sassiness Porter

HopCat ­ ATTN: Brett

HopCat Oil Spiller

HopCat ­Red Nymph

March 8 marked a brilliant day for craft beer on a global level — it was International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. On this day, across all of the time zones, craft industry professionals and enthusiasts worked to create a unique spin on one recipe.

The result: Unite Red Ale, revisited (original recipe created by Sophie du Ronde, Muntons Malt — England). The collaborative effort was tapped and celebrated at Clubhouse BFD (Rochester Hills) on Wednesday, with representatives from Griffin Claw and MillKing It Productions present.

“There’s the Milking It [Productions] version, which is a much more traditional-style red, and then there’s Griffin Claw’s — it’s spicier and not as hoppy,” says Griffin Claw’s Angie Williams.

HopCat Grand Rapids will also debut its version today.

Although the event was slotted as a beer versus beer competition, everyone there wasn’t picking favorites; rather, they were reminiscing about the day and toasting the journey of such a neat idea. The labels for the brew showcase a collage of photos from the brew day, attributing the success to the united effort of women across the world.

“The coolest part about all of it was knowing that brewers on the other side of the world had already begun brewing before it was March 8 here in Michigan — the anticipation took the excitement to a whole new level,” added Williams.