7.8% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Golden and clear overall, but somewhat cloudy. There is a slight bubbly carbonation, and it pours with a small head that leaves a thin lacing.
Aroma: Immediate dry hop smell trails into sweet grain scents.
Taste: With a lemon citrus aftertaste, this beer is not overly bitter. The hops appear right around mid-drink. It’s grainy and sweet.
Mouthfeel: This brew is creamy with a prickly carbonation. Thin to medium bodied, it feels crisp to the tongue.

This hopped up version of Oval Beach Blonde maintains a crisp and refreshing feel. Hop on a Blonde is an excellent summer beer with a little extra kick of hops (without all the bitterness). I rate this as an exceptional beer that can please many palates.