5.2% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Dark brown with a small head.
Aroma: Smoke and nut.
Taste: Slight smokiness, nut and caramel.
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied with a slight bitterness.

Campfire Brown is just what you’d expect from the name — a great beer reminiscent of summer campfires. As warmer temperatures subside, I’m reminded by the smoky, toffee-like flavors in Falling Down’s Campfire Brown. While not over the top by any means, Campfire Brown delivers a diverse flavor profile that often misses the mark with other brews. While well-balanced, Campfire Brown is still obvious in terms of flavor and delivery.

4.8% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Reddish-orange color; pretty cloudy.
Aroma: Slight cherry smell.
Taste: Light tartness with some subtle cherry.
Mouthfeel: Light bodied.

Falling Down Cherry Blonde is what every light cherry beer should be — refreshing and flavorful. Brewed with Michigan cherry concentrate, Cherry Blonde is an ale with subtle hints of sweet and tart cherry flavor, alongside some spice. If you think cherry shouldn’t belong in a beer (cue Sam Adams Cherry Wheat…), you best try this.