6.8% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Light red in hue with a medium level of flowing carbonation (medium to small bubbles).
Aroma: Sweet and slightly sour raspberry smell off the bat with a slight apple undertone.
Taste: A solid raspberry flavor is apparent from start to end of each drink. Still, Vander Mill manages to keep it not overly sweet. The apple kicks in at the end of the drink, while the raspberry is slightly tart.
Mouthfeel: This dry cider is light bodied with medium carbonation.

There is no doubt about the enjoyable and refreshing nature of Vander Mill Apple Raspberry cider. It’s nice to get raspberry without wincing in sweetness — all-the-while getting some tartness. I love Raspberry Apple as it represents the sweeter side of Vander Mill, which is not as sweet compared to most ciders on the market. It still has a dry feel, and is incredibly well perfected, making it likely my favorite hard cider from Vander Mill.

If you love raspberries and hard cider, it doesn’t get any better — Vander Mill is the king of craft cider in my book. “Apple raspberry is one of our in house favorites,” owner Paul Vander Heide says. “Fresh pressed raspberries come through without adding much sweetness at all to this very refreshing cider.”