Steven Michael Holmes

Steven Michael Holmes has been drinking beer for half as long as he’s loved photography, and he partakes in both of these less than half as often as he would like.
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Grand Rapids — Grand Rapids’ largest neighborhood has a new brewery to look forward to come spring. Creston Brewery plans to begin construction this December in the Creston Business District. Partners Vincent Lambert, Cailin Kelly, Scott Schultz, and Molly Bouwsma-Schultz are breathing new life into the former DeKorne Furniture Showroom. “The building is an absolute treasure […]

It’s not uncommon for craft breweries to give back to their community––their established consumer base and growing popularity offers an ideal platform for volunteer efforts, awareness programs, and financial donations. “We took our cause . . . I thought it was very important for us; it’s near and dear to my heart,” said Jarred Sper, […]

HUDSONVILLE – Farmhaus Cider Co. Co-Owner John Behrens had one thing in mind when he bought his late grandmother’s abandoned farmhouse and the surrounding property: preservation. “There’s not a lot of people who have farms in their family that are 150 years old,” said Megan Odegaard, co-owner of Farmhaus Cider Co. “We just didn’t want […]

HUDSONVILLE – White Flame hosted its first annual Flame Fest on Saturday. Celebrating its newly completed expansion, White Flame invited mug club members, Hudsonville residents, and fans of the brewery alike to enjoy the first outdoor festival the brewery has ever hosted. “This is the first time we’re actually roping off outside space, and having […]

The Schaefer family has been growing in the apple business since 1855. Last year, their commercial farm produced 300,000 bushels of apples. As is the case with most commercial farms, many of those bushels went to waste. One hundred thousand Schaefer apples too ugly or too large to put on the fresh market were thrown […]