Ray Ashley

Air guitar virtuoso, air drumming expert, and world-renowned shower singing tenor from upstate New York. He now calls Michigan home and enjoys all the Great Beer State has to offer. Feeling there is a lack in the industry for a good ol’ everyday stout, he has made it his mission to revive the love of this forgotten style. Drink more dark beer.

black friday

Pigeon Hill Brewing Company released three specialty canned beers to an enthusiastic group of early rising holiday  shoppers in Muskegon, Michigan on Black Friday. Grapefruit Renny, a double IPA (DIPA) featuring, as the name suggests, grapefruit juiciness. Also released was the rare Your Mom on French Toast, now officially dubbed “YMOFT,” an imperial stout featuring […]

great american beer fest

The popular refrain from the 1971 Gene Wilder classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory seemed the most appropriate way to describe my excitement when I found out I would be attending the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. As a lover of craft beer I was vaguely aware of the festival but never thought […]