Jason Batts

Jason has worked in video production for 13 years. He’s an editor, graphic designer, copywriter, videographer and photographer who has spent most of his career producing commercials and longer corporate videos. Writing and photography have always been two of his favorite creative outlets, so the opportunity to mix those with his fondness for craft beer at Mittenbrew.com was too good to miss. Jason is married with two young kids and lives with his family in East Grand Rapids. He enjoys basketball, golf, water skiing, cooking and trying to be the best dad he can be. Tastes always change, but right now, his favorite beer is “Sapient Trip Ale” by Dark Horse Brewery.

beer goggles

When you land at Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the first things that greets you as you walk through the terminal are t-shirts and other schwag advertising “Beer City U.S.A.” It sounds official, and in a way, I guess, it is. It’s an identity the city has chosen to unabashedly embrace. They’ve […]

beer goggles

“Coldest Beer in Town.” For anyone too young to know, that’s the old marketing technique used by convenience stores to get a leg-up on the competition. However, in our current world of tulip glasses and Belgian dubbels, this idea seems as antiquated as renting VHS movies from a grocery store. These days, ice-cold, mass-produced lagers […]

home brew league

If you heard the name “Home Brew League” you might think it was some kind of summer softball showdown or a group of guys playing fantasy football. But for Boyd Culver and Chris Musil, owners of Coldbreak Brewing Equipment in Cedar Springs, the Home Brew League is a revolutionary idea to test the skills and […]

founders education program

“At first we thought, what more can we learn about Founders?” That’s what Eva and Bob Trudell asked themselves before attending a “Palate Exploration Series” event at Founders Brewery in Grand Rapids. The two Founder’s aficionados were given tickets as a Christmas gift from their children and weren’t sure what to expect. The event was […]

Innovation is a driving force in the craft beer industry. Brewers push the boundaries of what a beer can be with new flavors, new ingredients and new techniques. But innovative changes aren’t just found in how a beer tastes, they’re also found in how it’s packaged. If you love bringing home your favorite beers from […]