Amee Rutan

Although originally from the Salt Lake City area, Amee has spend most of her life in West Michigan. For the last 10 years, alongside her photography business, she has been involved in the craft beer industry in one way or another. These days, she juggles family, photography, dressmaking, and a passion for craft beer.

winter beer fest

Before I worked in the craft industry, I was a beer festival attendee. My perspective only stretched as far as to see the glorious, seemingly never-ending flow of beer from taps. I sought out IPAs and Flanders Reds, but would absolutely try anything. My friends and I would all get different pours and trade them […]

perrin brewing

West Michiganders are beer-loving, hardy, and generous souls. Attendance at Perrin Brewing Company’s 1st Ice Jam Winter Festival pretty much proves that. An event designed to showcase specialty and collaborative beers and benefit Kids Food Basket, whose purpose is “attacking childhood hunger to help young people learn and live well”, definitely drew crowds to Comstock […]