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Michigan Brewers Guild celebrates 20 Years of Festivals and Advocacy

In the beginning, 1997 to be precise, there were approximately 30 breweries with membership in the newly minted Michigan Brewers Guild. The purpose of their inception was to form an alliance to promote our state’s emerging beer industry and advocate in legislative matters. Two decades later, with their support and guidance, that number is 239 […]


Arbor Brewing Company Acquired by Parent Company of Michigan Hop Alliance

After weeks of rumblings among industry insiders, and days of speculation on social media, the news concerning potential changes at Arbor Brewing Company has been officially confirmed. Ownership is shifting, but the company’s roots will stay in Michigan. Arbor Brewing Company, one of Michigan’s oldest craft beer brands, has joined the Farm + Ferment family […]


Brew Export Sends Michigan Beer Overseas

Phenom businesswoman Shannon Long, 24, has quickly made a respectable impression in the worldwide beer industry. Many people recognize her as host of the television show Pure Brews America, though her fame there is only part of the bigger picture. Long is also the founder, owner, and CEO of Brew Export, a company based in […]

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