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HopCat opens fifth location in Ann Arbor

If April is the cruelest month, then February must be the nastiest — unrelenting cold, unattractive snow banks and black ice where you least expect it. But this February looked a lot brighter at the corner of State and Maynard Street in Ann Arbor, where the most recent branch of HopCat opened. Over 100 beers […]


Fermenta: An idea whose time has come

MIDLAND — The phrase “an idea whose time has come” gets used quite often, and just as often, it doesn’t really fit the situation. But once in awhile, the phrase fits perfectly — as with the women’s craft beverage trade group Fermenta. Pauline Knighton (Short’s Brewing Company) and Stacey Roth (Griffin Claw) had discussed the idea of forming a trade group […]


Brewery Becker brings German experiences to Brighton

BRIGHTON — The staff at Brewery Becker greeted me with an warm and enthusiastic reception as soon as I walked through the door. Matt Becker, owner and brewer, could not have been more welcoming, sharing information freely, allowing me to learn not just about the phenomenal beer, but the unique history of the brewpub itself. […]

Evergreens vs. Great Lakes: a brief beer tour of Seattle

SEATTLE — Some time ago, Michigan and Washington were playing against each other in some sports contest or another. Our local paper put out a list pitting Ann Arbor against Seattle to see which was cooler. I love Ann Arbor — I would take a bullet in the face to defend it, and I think […]