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Runners Enjoy Hard Cider After a Hard Run

ADA – The unseasonably cooler temperatures and persistent light rain didn’t keep people away from stepping onto the grounds of Sietsema Orchards and Cider Mill on Saturday. The Hard Cider Run kicked off its second year at Sietsema to combine a love of co-owners Courtney Walker and Erik Young, hard cider, with running. “It is […]


Founders says “thanks” to Grand Rapids with beer and music

GRAND RAPIDS — A festival surrounding an in-progress 40-million-dollar expansion made this year’s Founders Fest challenging, but not disappointing. The six-story-high fermenters towering over the fest made this year’s feel a little more special — a “tiny” reminder to the all of the people in attendance that they help make Founders the 17th largest brewery […]


Fly to the Coq celebrates beer and cycling

Drink beer. Bike 15 miles. Drink more beer. Repeat at the end of the summer. Rain or shine, the third annual “Fly to the Coq” event took place Sunday. With the White Pine Trail running parallel to Rockford Brewing Company, bikes are a familiar sight to their patrons. However, this past Sunday, the side of […]


Brewing beer can be as simple as an Easy Bake Oven

ADA — Cricket noises, bugged eyes and a blank stare encompass the reaction given to me when asked if my mother would like to brew a beer together for Mother’s Day. No comprehension, and all fear. Little does my mother know that there is a way to brew beer that literally everyone can do. Introducing […]

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