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Pretzel Necklace: The Biggest Beer Fest Accessory

Like coffee beans to an overly fragranced nose, the pretzel has often been used to cleanse the palate between beers. Traditionally, the history of the pretzel dates back to the 600s with monks giving pretzels to young pupils as rewards for remembering prayers. Others may say the shape represents someone folding their arms in prayer. […]


No Rules – Yes, Perrin Bus – No

This year at the Winter Beer Festival you won’t be able to spot the full size Perrin Brewing Company’s bus, as it is viewed as an unfair advantage, but you will get to catch your eye on one of the most sought after Perrin Beers — No Rules, a “Vietnamese Porter” scoring 100 on RateBeer. […]

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B.O.B.’s Peanut Butter Porter Has A New Friend

GRAND RAPIDS – As an original Winter Beer Festival contributing drinker, B.O.B.’s Brewery’s Brewmaster John Svoboda’s interests are always surpassed by the excitement and fun that the festival brings. Ever since the WBF made its way to Grand Rapids, B.O.B.’s has been a participant. “It is wonderful publicity and you have the opportunity to meet […]

Starting Your Own Craft Beverage Business One-Day Workshop

GRAND RAPIDS – The Craft Beverage Education Association’s mission is to be the craft and artisanal beverage entrepreneur’s business partner. “We don’t want to lobby, define, or otherwise politicize,” says Tracy Wahler, Executive Director of Craft Beverage Education Association. “Instead, we want to create an environment to help our members succeed in business by understanding […]


Pilot Malt House to plant roots in Virginia

Michigan is often viewed as a trailblazer when it comes to the beer industry. Other states want to be Michigan. More and more states are seeing new breweries open that value keeping their community close by supporting other local businesses. And more breweries increases the demand for crops to supply them. Pilot Malt House, an […]

Holiday Gifts for the Michigan Beer Lover

We, at MittenBrew, may know a thing or two about craft beer. We can even argue we are a bunch of snazzy looking models (check us out in the photos). But when it comes to gifting that special beer lover in your life something unique and inventive for the holiday, we let the local beer […]

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