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Join the Club! – Patriots Brew Club

Following is the first in a series of pieces spotlighting area home-brew clubs. If you have been seeking a way to engage in the home-brewing community, or would like to see how beer can be made at home without investing in equipment first, joining a club or attending a club meeting is a phenomenal way […]

Handle Yeast at Home Like a Pro

Working in the cellar at Founders Brewing Company often finds me shoulder to shoulder with the Yeast Tech department. Their department, as you may have guessed, is entirely responsible for the care, maintenance, and practical application of any and all yeast used in the brewery. For emphasis, a beer is not released for consumption without […]

The Secretly Important Ingredient

It’s very easy to forget the most important component of any painting is not its nuance, direction, color scheme, or even its finished image; the most important aspect of any painting is actually the canvas on which it is painted. Without the canvas, or raw material an artist paints on, there is no painting. It […]


A discussion of all-grain brewing

To breach the topic of how to make an all-grain batch of beer, as well as what is important about the process, might take a millennium’s worth of discussion. In order to avoid tangents and/or conflicting personal preference, this mini-podcast opens the discussion of why professional breweries make all-grain batches of beer. Their goal is […]


Big Brew Day: A toast to communal brewers

GRAND RAPIDS — The short version of this article is this: I am bummed I had to miss Big Brew Day at the Calder Plaza this year. Don’t know about Big Brew at the Calder? Can’t begin to fathom why I would be saddened for my absence? Read on. Big Brew day falls on the […]

The importance of Fermentation temperatures

Over the past week I have been installing a fence in my backyard. Installing a fence means I will have to set posts in concrete, so I have had to make sure that I am working in the temperature range necessary for the concrete to set up the way I want it to. I can […]

The keys to cleaning and sanitizing homebrew equipment

“You can’t sanitize a turd”. When asking Head Cellar Operator Brett Kosmicki and countless other Founders Brewing Co. employees about the importance of cleanliness and sanitation, the previous statement proved the great consensus. Or, more simply, in order for something to be sanitized, it must first be thoroughly cleaned. Though this author knows much of […]

Comrade Cocktail

In the wake of a promised extension to winter so unapologetically perennial that the groundhog of fable would bite the very hand that feeds him, perhaps it is time that we take the metaphorical slap in the face and consider a different view on the winter around us. Or, more simply, instead of making another […]