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Your Next Designated Driver

From bachelor and bachelorette party goers, to tourists, to brewery hoppers, to you name who—the Beer City Runner has driven them through and through. Beer City Runner started with a small mission—to bring people together for a night out to experience some of the best breweries in Grand Rapids. The BCR takes the questions, “How […]

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Elk Brewing: Sours and a Second Location

As some of you may already have heard, Elk Brewing is expanding. The sudsy city of Grand Rapids contains yet another brewery with eyes growing larger at the prospect of snagging a good location and introducing more of their product into the market. Eric Karns, co-owner of Elk Brewing, is expanding the brewery into a […]

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Winter Beer Fest: 11 years of craft camaraderie

There’s something about having over 1,000 of the most cared for craft beers at your mitten-covered fingertips that makes standing outside in winter weather simply worth it. For the Michigan Brewers Guild’s 11th annual Winter Beer Fest, they recognized the increasing demand for their signature February event and for the second year in a row […]

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Pretzel Necklace: The Biggest Beer Fest Accessory

Like coffee beans to an overly fragranced nose, the pretzel has often been used to cleanse the palate between beers. Traditionally, the history of the pretzel dates back to the 600s with monks giving pretzels to young pupils as rewards for remembering prayers. Others may say the shape represents someone folding their arms in prayer. […]


No Rules – Yes, Perrin Bus – No

This year at the Winter Beer Festival you won’t be able to spot the full size Perrin Brewing Company’s bus, as it is viewed as an unfair advantage, but you will get to catch your eye on one of the most sought after Perrin Beers — No Rules, a “Vietnamese Porter” scoring 100 on RateBeer. […]