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New Holland Czeched Out

9.4% ABV, Draft Appearance: Cloudy amber with a small head Aroma: Vanilla with a bourbon scent Taste: Sweet vanilla, bourbon, dry and dark fruits Mouthfeel: Very smooth; a bit of a bite but finishes sweet Czeched Out is the latest doppelbock on tap at New Holland’s taproom, highlighting a malty Czech bock aged 5 1/2 […]


Ore Dock Leaf Lookers Ale

6.1% ABV, Draft Appearance: Autumn brown color, cloudy. Small head. Aroma: Dark fruit with some hops. Taste: Very balanced, with dark fruit, caramel and malt. Somewhat of a dry finish. Mouthfeel: Medium bodied. Ore Dock’s Leaf Lookers Ale features roasty notes that are perfect for a breezy fall or spring day. With its average ABV […]

Blackrocks Coconut Brown

6.8% ABV, Can Appearance: Cloudy brown color with a medium white head.Aroma: Coconut throughout.Taste: Sweet upfront, followed by a subtle coconut flavor finish. Chocolate and nut help round out the taste.Mouthfeel: Medium bodied. Blackrocks’ Coconut Brown is an easy-drinking brown ale, with subtle coconut, chocolate and nut flavors throughout. Compared to other brown ales, this […]

Blackrocks Grand Rabbits

5.5% ABV, Can Appearance: Clear gold with a medium head.Aroma: Citrus fruit with some yeast.Taste: Similar to the aroma; sweet citrus with some bread-like flavors and wheat.Mouthfeel: Light bodied. Grand Rabbits, a cream ale by Marquette-based Blackrocks Brewery, is a play on the Grand Rapids name, thought of by the brewery during a visit to […]

Blackrocks Flying Hippo

9% ABV, Bottle Appearance: Cloudy gold with a medium white head.Aroma: Citrus fruit and some earthy notes.Taste: Mild; not over-the-top in terms of bitterness. Citrus flavors are immediately present.Mouthfeel: Medium bodied. Blackrocks Flying Hippo is the brewery’s first bottled beer — an Imperial Belgian IPA that rings in at 9% ABV. Flying Hippo is rather […]

Perrin Kingdom of Tonga Vanilla Porter

Named after the group of 170 South Pacific islands, Kingdom of Tonga features a sweet vanilla flavor, accompanied with chocolate and coffee. Compared to some of Perrin’s other brews, though, this one is a touch on the dry side, and not quite as sweet.