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Cranking up some Cranker's brews

New Cheerry-O 5.4% ABV  •  18 IBU •  “Light, clean, and crisp brewed with real MI cherries” Before me sits a clear brew that is burnt orange to reddish amber in color with a full and resistant light pink head. Quite pretty in fact! A whiff of tart cherries hits me initially, but the overall […]

Saugatuck Starburst Wheat

Style: Hoppy Wheat Beer ABV: 4.5% Glassware: Nonic Pint Appearance: Another hazy wheat beer sits before me. The head is one inch thick and is off white in color with just a touch of yellow. The beer itself is an orange forward light amber. Aroma: This fills my nostrils with a chalky and mineral quality, […]

Unruly Cherry Berliner Weisse

Style: Berliner Weisse Aged on Tart Cherries ABV: 4% Glassware: Short Stemmed Wine Glass Appearance: Completely opaque in its cloudiness. It has a fun pink color that reminds me of grapefruit juice. No head at all, except for a ring of white on the very edges. Aroma: Burst of sour tropical fruit like papaya and […]

Rochester Mills Tongue Tied

Style: Saison with Cherries ABV: 5.7% Glassware: Tulip Appearance: Mostly clear beer with just a touch of haziness. The liquid is an orange color on the red side with clear edges. Aroma: Strawberries and tart cherries immediately come to my nostrils. The beer is bright and has a Belgian spiciness to it, almost with a […]

Sietsma Bourbon Barrel Aged Hard Cider

Style: Bourbon barrel aged hard cider ABV: 6.9% Glassware: Bordeaux Wine Glass Appearance: The cider sits in my glass, clear as can be. It’s straw yellow in color with a slight greenish tint. Aroma: Sweet floral notes like elderflower hit me initially before subtle scents of apple and pear appear. The barrel aging gives it […]

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