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A Closer Look at Trail Point Brewing Company

Trail Point is, dare I say, on the right path. Walking into the brewery for my first time I immediately, genuinely, feel at home. From the driftwood tap handles to the outdoor patio, to the high ceilings and the tucked away dart board, the whole place had a vibe that encouraged the act of sitting […]

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Beer Cocktails for your New Year's Eve celebration

There are plenty of ways to drink ourselves into the new year. A great number of us have the obvious answer of, “drink craft beer!” when embarking on this endeavor, but this time around we’d like to introduce some beer cocktail options instead. Using Michigan beer and cider of course! Blood-Orange Pomegranate Beer-mosa with Cheboygan […]

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German Tradition Meets Cedar Springs Brewing’s Ambition

I’m seated in an industrial looking, high-ceiled venue that’s filled with long picnic tables, various flags gently waving in front of second story windows, fermentation vessels peeking out from high above the bar, and wooden sliding doors that divide the space into private room, main beer hall, and back of house operations. Upon closer inspection, […]

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