RBC wild ale
Rockford, Mich — Rockford Brewing Company (RBC) will be releasing their first of four wild sour ales this month. The limited edition Liliana Maria will be available in 750ml bottles for purchase at RBC starting Tuesday, February 20. Pricing is set at $11 per bottle, plus tax and deposit.
Aging sours secretly for 3 years, the brewery in traditional fashion has blended these old sours along with new young sours to create the series.
RBC has been known for their award-winning English Brown Ale, Irish Stout, and India Pale Ale, so tapping into the realm of sours is an exciting journey for the brewery.
The series release is close to the heart of RBC, revealing admiration of the four daughters of the proprietors. The charisma of each of the children is embodied into each release.
Liliana Maria can be described as possessing a dark brilliance, bearing an aura of lilac with a profile of roasted fig and malts, appropriately tart with a welcomed effervescent dry finish. She will show an even more delightful character as she continues to age.
RBC has a varied list of events and promotions including free live music, food specials, other beer releases and much more.

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