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The Detroit-based craft brewing company, Atwater Brewery will participate as a ArtPrize venue for the first time since opening its downtown Grand Rapids taproom nearly a year ago. Visitors can view ArtPrize entries from 14 artists during normal hours of operation at 201 Michigan Avenue.

“This is our first year participating in ArtPrize and we’re looking forward to featuring impressive artwork we curated specifically for our taproom,” says Mark Rieth, owner of Atwater Brewery. “Our downtown location will make the perfect spot to grab lunch while exploring ArtPrize. We’re right on the path to other great venues like DeVos Place, SpeakEZ Lounge, North Monroe Community Church, and the Boardwalk Apartments.”

When choosing which art installations to feature in its taproom, Atwater Brewery narrowed down its options to mostly two-dimensional pieces to hang from its spacious taproom walls, mimicking the style of art galleries. The brewery has also reserved space for one three-dimensional installation, Common Blue by Shawn Henley, a eight-foot butterfly statue made with a 1920s Harley Davidson engine.

Originally, Atwater planned on hosting Detroit-based artists as an homage to the brewery’s first location as well as featuring beer-inspired works. “Of course, ArtPrize isn’t about staying within limits and we finished with an eclectic group of entries that all ages can enjoy,” explains Bri Kilroy, Social Media Coordinator at Atwater Brewery. The brewery chose an eclectic mix of entries, ranging from illustrations of vibrantly dressed-up dinosaurs in Dinosaur Family Portraits to an dark depiction of a Hindu cremation ceremony in Onward.

With ArtPrize entries on every wall, visitors are welcomed to enjoy the art while they dine or drink at their tables or just stop in for a drink and view the art. “My favorite thing about brewery venues is that people have the option to enjoy art during their meal or grab and drink at the bar and explore,” says Kilroy. Visitors will also have the chance to meet some of the artists at the taproom throughout Preview Week as they hang out their entries.


Atwater Brewery will host the following ArtPrize entries:

  1. Creation VS The Big Bang by DL DeBolt

  2. War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength. by Amber Doan

  3. Onward by Michael Dura

  4. Candle Light by Hank Feeley

  5. Feeding the Love Dragon by Maggie Flynn

  6. Shades of Opinion by Lee Galusha

  7. Broken Promises by Dorothy Graden

  8. Stephanie Heise Illustrations by Stephanie Heise

  9. Common Blue by Shawn Hensley

  10. Aquarian (Dragon Scales?) by Corey Leavenworth

  11. Robots Playing Poker by John Long

  12. Alive Among the Trees by Julia Pickett

  13. Chasing Storms by Michael Reuter

  14. Dinosaur Family Portraits by Betsy Wellfare

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