Cellarmen’s first-ever bottled release, Beet Your Meade, is a Beet and Black Currant Saison Mead that will be sold at their Hazel Park taproom on August 5th in celebration of National Mead Day. The magenta hued honey wine is made with all-Michigan ingredients, including a red beet varietal that was brought over by Cadillac and his landing party when they arrived in Detroit, and is now grown Biodynamically in the city. The mead also is made with Michigan Wildflower Honey and Black Currants from Coons Farm in Coleman, MI.

Beet Your Meade is the first in Cellarmen’s “Farm-to-Glass” series celebrating Michigan-grown produce and honey. The beets are sourced from ROI Urban Farms, Detroit’s first Biodynamic farm, orchard and compost operation. Biodynamic agriculture is a type of organic farming that uses holistic and self-sustaining methods to achieve ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

“By incorporating Biodynamic produce, Cellarmen’s is reaching for the highest standards in their products” said Jamie Meyers, owner at ROI Urban Farms. “The payoff is higher quality and better nutrition. It’s pure, unadulterated Michigan fruits, vegetables and honey.”

The 13.5%abv 375ml bottles cost $60 and will be available at Cellarmen’s on August 5th. In addition to the bottled release, Cellarmen’s plans to release up to a dozen new meads and ciders on draft that day. The TruckShuka food truck will also be on site for the event.

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