Harmony Brewing Company will be releasing the second beer in our series of WOOD AGED WILD/SOUR BEERS in bottles and on draft at both Harmony locations on Saturday, August 13 at 11am.  The “Red Wattle” Flanders style red released last month sold out in bottles in LESS THAN AN HOUR!  

“Babirusa” is a wood aged farmhouse ale dry hopped with Hersbrucker and Citra Hops.  Beer nerds like to decipher what style category a beer should be judged against- the official category for the Babirusa is SUPER SAISON!  Saison means “season” in French, and the beer was traditionally brewed by farmers in the cooler months of the year for the purpose of quenching their thirst in the heat of their summer labors. The saison style (also referred to as “farmhouse ale”) can vary widely, but is always an exceedingly refreshing beverage.  Eventually, three classifications developed based on the ABV of the beer- table (3.5-5%) standard (5-7%) and SUPER (7.0-9.5%).

Harmony Hall

Super indeed!  The Babirusa weighs in at 9% ABV.  It pours a hazy straw yellow, with lively carbonation.  The aroma is INTENSELY fruity with the yeasty esters, hint of brett, and dry hop working together to create a vivid peach, ripe mango, and apricot bouquet.  The body is light, crisp, and exceptionally dry.  The Babirusa was aged in 6 different neutral wooden barrels.  Each barrel developed a completely unique aroma and flavor profile due to the proprietary blend of yeasts and bacteria in each barrel.  The blending of these barrels creates a remarkably complex and dangerously quaffable beer.

The release of the Babirusa wood aged, dry hopped farmhouse ale will be EXTREMELY LIMITED! Less than 150 bottles will be hand-filled, labeled, wax-dipped and serialized for sale.  The Babirusa will be on tap at both Harmony locations while it lasts.

New releases will happen monthly.  Next month we will release the “Tamworth” sour golden ale, and in October we will release the “Old Spot” dark farmhouse ale.

Harmony Hall

BONUS!!!  The first customers in the door at either location to purchase a bottle of the Babirusa will receive 2 free tickets to the HOPSTOCK FESTIVAL!  Hopstock is the first beer festival put together by the Beer City Brewers Guild, and it will feature beer, cider, wine and liquor all made right here in BEER CITY USA!

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