bitter old fecker

bitter old feckerBitter Old Fecker Rustic Ales has brewed an IPA with chamomile, rose petals, and juniper. They then barrel-aged it and put it out in the world for us to enjoy.

The beer is a cool burnt orange color with barely a head sitting on top. It’s certainly cloudy, which makes sense seeing as how they have a note on the side of the bottle saying, “We don’t use filters or fining agents. Our ale is hazy. We like it that way.”.

Upon inhalation of the aroma, I’m reminded of the last days of summer, just as you start smelling the turn of the leaves for autumn. I smell notes of fleshy blood oranges, orange peel, graham cracker, and wood.

The mouthfeel lends a softness, fullness, and bitterness that all marry together well. I’m left with the taste of wood, a dryness at the top of my tongue, and a spicy prickle as though I’ve just eaten something with black pepper.

As it warms and I return to the aromatics, the chamomile rises up, followed by a minor note of the juniper as it attaches itself to the “woodiness” of it all.

Bright, acidic, drying, and incredibly soft, this beer is a delightful treat that can be enjoyed with dinner, served as a dessert by itself, or paired with a cigar, with my recommendation for this being the Corojo from Leaf by Oscar.

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery