burning foot

Muskegon, Mich – After last year’s sold out festival on August 27th 2016, the warm summer sand of Muskegon’s Pere Marquette Beach will play host to the 2nd annual Burning Foot Beer Festival. From 3pm to 9pm, festival goers can enjoy some of the finest craft beer found in the Great Lakes region, with the beautiful shoreline of Lake Michigan serving as a backdrop. With 50 craft breweries from Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin gathering on the sand for the event, Burning Foot is poised to turn Muskegon’s beach into the perfect summer playground for craft beer lovers.

burning footAlthough Burning Foot is first and foremost a celebration of local craft beer, the festival also highlights the lakeshore’s stunning natural beauty (and hot summer sand)! Bordered by sand dunes to the east and Lake Michigan to the west, Pere Marquette Park provides world-class natural surroundings from every vantage point. In addition to the views and brews, Burning Foot showcases local and national music acts, a food menu that is beer and beach themed and local custom art, ensuring that festival goers experience the full flavor of life along the lakeshore.

The Lakeshore Brewers Guild will be hosting a Pre-release ticket party June 25th, 2016 at the Downtown Muskegon Beach Volleyball courts on the corner of 2nd & Western From 12:00 to 5PM. This free event will have tickets available before the online sale starts and will have food, music and craft beer onsite, partons will be able to kick back enjoy some tunes have a craft beer and sink their feet in the sand downtown. Tickets have been increased to 4000 (over 2500 last year) for $35 per and will be available for purchase online beginning on Saturday, June 25th at 5:01pm.

lakeshore brewers guildThe Lakeshore Brewers Guild promotes the local craft beer industry and the lakeshore’s natural beauty. As a supplement to the Michigan Brewers Guild, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild will focus on counties that touch Lake Michigan. States included are Michigan, Indiana, Illinois & Wisconsin. Throughout these counties, the Guild is working with its members to build the “Lakeshore Ale Trail,” a region rich in craft breweries, natural beauty, and the economic benefits that flow from successful locally-owned and oriented businesses. Joint advertising and cooperative support allows Guild members to grow while also establishing the region as a “beer tourism” hotspot. Through these collaborative efforts, the Lakeshore Brewers Guild is becoming a driving force in supporting both its members and local economies.

Breweries Attending Burning Foot 2016:

Arcadia Ales
Beards Brewing
Big Lake Brewing Company
Big Hart Brewing
Boatyard Brewing
Brewery Vivant
Cedar Springs Brewing
Constantine Brewery
Crankers Brewing
Draught Horse Brewing
Dutch Girl Brewery
Elk Brewing
Fetch Brewing Company
Final Gravity Brewing
Founders Brewing
Grand Armory Brewing
Gravel Bottom Brewing
Greenbush Brewing
Jolly Pumpkin
Kuhnnenn Brewing
Liberty Street Brewing
New Holland Brewing Company
North Peak Brewing Company
Newaygo Brewing Company
Odd Side Ales
Old Nation Brewing
Our Brewing Company
Pigeon Hill Brewing
Rail Town Brewing
Right Brain Brewery
Rockford Brewing Company
Saugatuck Brewing
Schmohz Brewing
Shorts Brewing
Stormcloud Brewing
Tapistry Brewing
Trail Point Brewing
Tri Cities
Unruly Brewing
Vander Mill Cider
White Flame Brewing

Lagunitas Brewing
Une Annee Brewery

3 Sheeps Brewing
Milwaukee Brewing Company
Mob Craft Brewing


Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery