Tap·root (ˈtapˌro͞ot,-ˌro͝ot/) noun: a straight tapering root growing vertically downward and forming the center from which subsidiary rootlets spring.

In other words, the central root of the system. Taproot Cider House opened its doors on January 28 with the intention to be the one that supports other roots within the community,

“In naming Taproot, I thought of the root system. The taproot is the strongest root in the system, providing support to the remaining roots, or our local farmers and businesses. The trunk becomes our staff, at the center of our business, and the branches become the customers that come in to support everything we’re doing,” explained owner Jennifer Mackey.


Mackey has long been a supporter of local organic agriculture and the earth-to-table concept. She has worked on organic farms, aided in the distribution of produce to local markets, and has helped conventional farms convert to organic operations. She joined Northern Natural Cider House and Winery in 2009 and began partnering with Dennis Mackey — who is also an organic farmer and CEO of Northern Natural.

In 2015, she branched out to open her own cider house.

“We know so many good people and businesses, this is a great way to support our community,” said Mackey.

The passion for local and organic products is evident throughout every element of Taproot. Both the food and drink menus were intentionally crafted to be as local, organic, free range, and GMO free as possible. Even the atmosphere reflects the earth-to-table element; taproots hang from the ceiling, wood beams can be found throughout, and local artists and agriculture are clearly supported.

“We wanted to create something that reflects our community. We have something for everyone, and aim to be family friendly,” said Mackey. Mackey cited the work she’s done with local farmers, as well as her own family, as inspiration for creating such an environment.

And in just under three months, Taproot has already begun to establish itself as such a place. Throughout the day, regulars make their way in as Mackey stops to greet them. Friends gather and families come in for a meal. The menu and environment are welcoming for everyone.

The drink menu not only features a wide array of ciders, but also craft beer, wine, spirits, soda, and cocktails. Currently Taproot is featuring ciders from Northern Natural, Vandermill, Blake’s Hard Cider, Tandem Ciders, and Starcut Ciders. Craft cocktails are prepared with fresh pressed juice, house-made syrups, and infused liquors. Sodas are made in-house as well, featuring the house-made syrups.

The food menu is equally as diverse, featuring a number of small plates, salads, pizzas, and main entrees. There truly is something for everyone.

When asked about a favorite on the menu, Mackey stated, “I don’t know if I could pick out a customer favorite. It really depends on their range of preferences. Once we know those preferences, we can guide our customers to finding something they’ll enjoy. That’s what is great about our menu.”

Taproot will have its official Grand Opening on April 23. Blake’s Hard Cider will be on-site, with a special tapping of El Chapo.

For a more detailed look at Taproot’s menu and events, visit http://www.taproottc.com.


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