pretzel necklace

Like coffee beans to an overly fragranced nose, the pretzel has often been used to cleanse the palate between beers. Traditionally, the history of the pretzel dates back to the 600s with monks giving pretzels to young pupils as rewards for remembering prayers. Others may say the shape represents someone folding their arms in prayer. Like a lot of things that survive through time, their purpose changes and takes on a new shape or meaning. The pretzel has gone from soft to hard, from simple to extravagant, from small to large, from knotted to sticks. Whichever you prefer — there is an undeniable love for a good ol’ pretzel in your life.  

At the Winter Beer Festival, the pretzel takes on a new meaning. A meaning that one can only really wrap their head around upon witnessing themselves. Like a male peacock opening its tail to show off its beautiful feathers, the pretzel is a masterpiece adorned around the necks of beer drinkers — the bigger and more extravagant the better! Sure all you really need is a necklace strung all the way around with store bought hard pretzels for keeping your stomach full and cleansing your palate, but why not get creative and see who can out do the rest. Last year at the WBF, necklaces strung with ziplock bags filled with slices of pizza, cheese sticks, hot dogs and beef jerky made their appearance. What will be the head turner this year?

pretzel necklace

To get a head start, Baked by B offers homemade German Pretzels at Sugar Momma’s on Wednesdays. Bea Jockusch brings her German heritage into her baking and creating pretzels that are unlike any other. If you want to go with the idea ‘the bigger the better’ then Bea is your lady. Make sure you get your pictures taken at the beginning because I guarantee you won’t be able to stop yourself from eating the whole thing!

If you’d like a one of a kind pretzel for WBF this year, send Bea an e-mail:


Photography by: Steph Harding & Bri Luginbill

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