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This year at the Winter Beer Festival you won’t be able to spot the full size Perrin Brewing Company’s bus, as it is viewed as an unfair advantage, but you will get to catch your eye on one of the most sought after Perrin Beers — No Rules, a “Vietnamese Porter” scoring 100 on RateBeer. In the past three years that Perrin has been open, it has made its presence known at the WBF with some highly regarded beers. Besides No Rules and Nitro No Rules, you can catch a pour of their Blazin’ Hotbox – Imperial Coffee Brown Ale, which you can only find around town at certain establishments. A few others making their appearance are — Sonic Highway – Cascadian Dark IPA, Black Goat – Bourbon Barrel Double Black Lager, Cherry Capital – Cherry Sour, and Poop Your Pants – Chocolate Bock.

Perrin, due to their size, is allowed two tables at the WBF — two tables equals twice the amount of beer. At any given time you will be able to find 10 different beers pouring out of their jockey boxes, but be sure to catch their sign for when the show stoppers will be tapped!

no rulesConnor Klopcic, Assistant Brewer and Head of Public Relations, has been with the company for a year and enjoys WBF the most because of the other beers he gets to try at the festival.

“It is kind of a rare occasion to get so many breweries in one area with great beer,” states Klopcic.

Jarred Sper, Co-Founder/Partner of Perrin, nails it on the head as to why he likes going to WBF, with the past three years under his belt.

“I like going because I really believe there are a very few things in this world that will get thousands of people to show up in a parking lot freezing cold with 2 foot of snow on the ground; it could be snowing, sleeting, and hailing. Last year it was this picturesque thing — it was beautiful, but then it started to snow at the end and everyone still loved it. I mean, there are very few places you can put people just standing in a parking lot doing nothing but drinking beer and having the best time of their life! That is the best and that is the reason, because no one understands it but it makes sense when you’ve experienced it,” states Sper.

As Sper says, you have to check it out to understand the hype.  But if you can’t make it to this year’s WBF, in honor of GR Beer Week, Perrin will have Blazin’ Hotbox on tap in their taproom.  Perrin Hotbox Brown is currently a seasonal beer you can easily find around town, but Blazin Hotbox is a rendition of Hotbox brewed with some of the finest ingredients in the world, including cacao nibs from Equador and Ghana and Indonesian civet rulesCivet coffee or “kopi luwak” is one of the rarest and most exquisite coffees in the world. Perrin used only wild harvested civet coffee for this particular brew. As a full-bodied brew filled with exquisite mild chocolate flavors and exotic coffee notes, this imperial version of Hotbox Brown ale is one the taste buds will enjoy.


Photography: Bri Luginbill

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