Grand Rapids, MI- Founders Brewing announced today that it will be expanding production to an additional facility in their hometown of Grand Rapids, MI.

This expansion is primarily intended to fulfill the growing warehousing and distribution needs of the brewery. The facility will include a brewhouse focused on creating specialty and experimental beers, and broadening their barrel aging program.

“As we continue to grow, so too does the demand for space,” says co-founder and CEO, Mike Stevens. “We are excited to finally give our warehouse crew a new home, one that will be an efficient space to work in.”

The 190,000 square foot space at 900 Hynes St. SW, is located only a mile away from the Founders Grandville Ave. location. Founders will begin operation in the new space on January 29, 2016.

Along with providing additional warehouse space and a specialty-beer-focused brewhouse, this new facility will also result in the creation of new, full-time job opportunities in Grand Rapids.  

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