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We, at MittenBrew, may know a thing or two about craft beer. We can even argue we are a bunch of snazzy looking models (check us out in the photos). But when it comes to gifting that special beer lover in your life something unique and inventive for the holiday, we let the local beer enthusiasts speak for themselves. From all around the Mitten, our state’s love for local craft beer is not in question. The list is sure to please every type of beer lover in your life as much as it pleased us to model for it.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Club Mich has the gift that keeps on giving. The thought of receiving gifts all year round is any inner child’s dream. Let me introduce to you the Michigan Brewery T-Shirt Club. This club delivers a t-shirt from a different Michigan brewery to your doorstep every month. The mystery lies in the box with exclusive designs not available anywhere else. Any person that loves their state and loves craft beer is sure to enjoy this gift that keeps on giving! Memberships are available for 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 month increments.  

holiday gifts


The Brewery Explorer

Detroit’s rich history is deeply rooted, but with technology these days the newer excitements in the city aren’t being documented. The Detroit Beer Field Guide is designed for both Detroit area residents and visitors. The guide breaks down the stats on 48 different Metro Detroit breweries, and leaves space for you to jot down notes about your visit. The DBFG is a keepsake to treasure for years to come. No more worrying that a new exciting app will come along and replace your beer app. This is a great incentive for any beer lover to take a trip to Detroit, or for locals to explore more of their local breweries.  


The Fashionable One

Make the boys envious by giving the beer lovin’ ladies in your life beautiful jewelry made using hops. At Brewery Ferment, they don’t just use their hops to brew beer, they take it to the next level by capturing the beauty of the flower in pendants, rings, and earrings. If you can take your eyes off of the beautiful jewelry, you will also notice playful dresses, shirts, and apparel designed for the lover of Michigan and craft beer.  


The One who Points at their Hand

No more using our hands, imagining a map with cities and highways, to point out to your friends where you camped last summer. Michigan Mittens puts an actual map of Michigan right onto your hands. Comfortable and cozy, these mittens are the perfect gift for any Winter Beer Fest goer. Nothing can top Michigan beer wrapped in the warmth of its own state. Or, my favorite pastime, Michigan Mittens can be your companion in a good old fashioned snowball fight.

holiday gifts


The Rustic Beer Drinker

Bad Moon Studio designs and builds one of a kind utilitarian furniture and decorative accessories out of barrels—barrels that were once a home for bourbon or some of our state’s aged beers. Each piece comes with its own story and is ready to start its new chapter with someone as a growler rack, beer cap opener, or table. The rustic, imperfect flair is sure to add uniqueness to any home or office.


The Social Media Enthusiast

Pound Michigan Beer is locally produced to praise and share favorite local beers with each other through social media channels. A way to reach out to the masses expressing how we feel about specific beers all over the state in one spot. #MICHIGANBEER is your one stop shop for shirts, pint glasses, buttons, and stickers. Simple and easy to recognize, even our grandparents can get on board with this one!

holiday gifts


The Wanderlust

For the beer drinker far and wide, the gift of the Journey Jug is sure to cover some miles. The Journey Jug is a growler with its own tracking number allowing you to follow the growler’s actual journey. Every time the growler is filled or shared is an opportunity to add to its story online. You can also create a journey with your own growler by placing a journey jug sticker on it. Share the fun by passing along your growler so all can enjoy the journey it embarks.


The Jokester

We all have that one person in our lives that loves a good practical joke. The Peter Popper is your answer. It is a great conversation piece sure to create many laughs. Not only is it fun to joke about, but the perfect size to fill your hand and, with just the right skill, to really get things poppin’…open up a beer bottle of course!  


The One Who Likes Variety

Sometimes it is nice to bring a little variety into your life. Sticking to one thing can be a bit boring. With the handmade beer caddy from G3 Studios, you are sure to bring variety wherever you go. These beautifully engraved beer caddies made from poplar wood hold up to six beer bottles, with an attached beer opener. Or take it solo and gift a cap catching magnetic beer opener to keep mounted by the beer cellar. Either way, the gorgeous wood engravings are sure to draw some attention as little pieces of functioning artwork.

holiday gifts


The Dare Devil

Many of us have a bucket list silently haunting our thoughts, tempting us to do wild and crazy things before we die. For the craft beer drinker that likes to get wild – there is sure to be a list of beers they are wanting to try before time escapes them. From Michigan Wine and Beer Apparel the daring drinker can wear their beer palate on their sleeve with The Craft Beer Bucket List hoodie. Options also include apparel for the local college sports fanatic and wine connoisseur.


The Beer Aficionado

What better way to learn more about something you love than with a documentary. Film director Kevin Romeo and Rhino Media Productions, set out to combine the worlds of beer fandom and movie fandom to create The Michigan Beer Film. It touches on how our pastime values have steared into a new generation of community driven consumers. The Michigan Beer Film will educate viewers on the hardships that brewers and entrepreneurs face in a rapidly booming industry.

holiday gifts


The One Who is a Festival Groupie

Giving the gift of The Michigan Brewers Guild Enthusiast Membership turns any groupie into a VIP. The Enthusiast Membership offers exclusive sign-ups to festivals before the average joe, exclusive brewery tours, a member t-shirt, as well as the priceless value of entering festivals an hour before everyone else. This gift is sure to please any Michigan beer lover.


The Home Cook

Every curious beer connoisseur who spends time in the kitchen has wondered which beer would best pair with their evening’s dinner. The Beervangelist’s Guide to the Galaxy by Fred Bueltmann, Vice President of Brand & Lifestyle and Partner of New Holland Brewery, overflows the reader with knowledge on the culture of cooking, drinking, and entertaining both those knowledgeable about craft beer and those not. Focusing on seasonal recipes and pairing beer with food, the pages overflow with scrumptious photography by Grand Rapids photographer, Jeff Hage. Not only should you gift this book, but gift two books, so one can go through the wears and tears of the kitchen while the other sits elegantly on the coffee table.

holiday gifts

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