Grand Rapids- Alexander Atkin, brewer, musician, and by all accounts friend to everyone who encounters him, needs the community’s support.
Alex was traveling in Guatemala when he suffered a devastating motorcycle crash. The full extent of his serious injuries and their consequences are currently unknown. A medical evacuation flight brought him to Grand Rapids overnight Tuesday for surgery and subsequent treatment. His long term prognosis remains to be determined.

“For now, we are just grateful he’s alive. His helmet was smashed and cracked in half, yet his CT scans have shown us his brain is operating perfectly,” said Kate Pillsbury, friend and fellow musician.

Alex is uninsured and will need financial support to cover the mounting costs of his treatment and recovery. According to Pillsbury, Alex’s parents had to front $30,000 to get him home.

His sister, Shannon Crosby, set up a GoFundMe account for donations. Mitten Brewing Company, where Alex is a brewer and cellarman, is holding a benefit on January 7th from open to close including a silent auction, raffle, and live music by The Crane Wives.

“Alex is the rare kind of person that gives himself for other’s experiences. Making music for your ears, brewing beer for your joy, and lending ears for your mind. Everyone has those friends who, without trying, manage to stand above the rest, and Alex is, most definitely, of that breedthe highest quality of person,” said Ben Darcie, friend and bandmate in South of Wealthy Trio.

Additional benefits and projects are in progress. Details will be shared as they become available.

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