ANN ARBOR – Since the 1300s, the Union of Belgian Brewers has existed as guild for Belgian breweries. It still exists today as one of the oldest professional associations, and nearly all Belgian breweries belong to it. On Sept. 4, the Union will ennoble founders and co-owners Roy More and Jeff More of Ashley’s Restaurants as honorary Knights of the Union of Belgian Brewers at its annual ceremony in Brussels, Belgium.

Those who are dubbed into the Knighthood of the Brewer’s Mash Staff (“Ridderschap van de Roerstok der Browers”) are recognized as having made significant contributions to the promotion and development of Belgian Brewing. Roy and Jeff More will be the first in Michigan to receive the honor.

In addition to being widely acknowledged as a premier beer bar, Ashley’s has participated diversely in promoting Belgian beer for decades. Every February, Ashley’s Westland location hosts the largest exclusively Belgian-made beer festival in the U.S. Both Ashley’s locations offer a full range of Belgian-made beers as part of their craft beer portfolio.

“Ashley’s first started serving Belgian beers in 1985, and we held our first Belgian beer sampling event in 1988,” said Jeff More.

“Ashley’s has always been about helping people have a great time,” said Roy More. “One of the ways is through great beers, and the Belgian brewers are recognized as being among the best in the world.”

The knighting ceremony will be held in the Brussels Town Hall on the Grote Markt (“Grand Place”) next to the Union building, which has been occupied by the Union since the 17th century.

Photo: Erik Smith

Photo: Erik Smith

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