HUDSONVILLE — Goldilocks may have only tested out a famous family of bears’ beds, chairs and porridge — but I’m confident that asked about the Beer City Spring Fest she would agree, “It was JUST right.”

“Being able to walk around and literally see every single pour available is my kind of festival, said attendee Adam VanAlstine. “I didn’t wait in a single line too long or had to feel overly concerned of others.  Not that I am a rude guy, but weaving through people was very easy.”

For its second year, Beer City Spring Fest was home to over 250 of Michigan’s best beers accompanied by additional special offerings. Unlike other festivals, the Spring Fest also showcased a broader range of Michigan’s proud local gems. From distillers to wineries, to cider makers and award winning food trucks, there was sure something to please everyone.

Spring Fest’s ability to beautifully balance a vast variety of beverages perfect for the warm weather felt gave hope for the warmer weather yet to come — fingers and toes crossed. IPAs were in abundance, filling at least one tap line of every brewery present. The only problem was narrowing down which IPA to choose from. With names like Big in Japan IPA from Crankers Brewery, Citra Your Ass Down IPA from Tibbs and Oats ‘N Hoes IPA from Unruly Brewing Co., the names along brought a crowd of testers!

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Aside from the ever-flowing IPAs some other samples perfect for spring featured were:

Pike 51 Brewery’s Tea Pants Cream Ale: An elegant light shaded ale with pink tints, a light body and floral notes made this stand out. Aside from the ‘girly’ description this beer was a pleaser for both male and female alike.

Coppercraft Distillery Genever Gin: A softer more floral gin perfect for warmer weather proudly stands by its ingredients only spanning 50 miles, showcasing its true local Dutch culture. To the attendees, this gin was served with a little Cooper Tulip tea, fresh grapefruit juice, honey and a splash of club soda, making it a perfect afternoon sipper.

B. Nektar Meadery’s Kill All the Golfers: Who said we all had to be golfers, especially when you could drink mead attributed to their demise? Golfer or not, this mead is sure to knock out some birdies. A mild sweetness with a bitter black tea and tart lemon creates a perfect handshake to those who golf and those who well, have more nefarious thoughts.

Low ‘N Slow BBQ Naked Pulled Pork: BBQ being a food that pairs perfectly with the outdoors, friends and a good time. Low ‘N Slow’s meats were a perfectly tender mouthwatering smoky satisfaction that kept my hunger at bay and stomach at just the right amount of fullness to let the drinking continue.

Spring Fest truly captured the meaning of spring, a time of a new beginning. It wasn’t uncommon for the lovely people pouring beer samples to actually be admires of the product and not an employee. They got to share their love for the beer to others possibly trying it out for the first time.

Matthew Mead jumped on the chance to pour for B. Nektar when they asked for volunteers. “It was great talking to so many people and hearing their thoughts on the B. Nektar products, as the Zombie Killer Cider blew out very fast,” he said.

This year’s Beer City Spring Fest was a great success uniting all the makers and drinkers from all aspects of the alcohol industry! Take what you’ve learned from this and be confident in your spring drink of choice. Raise up your beer, mead, cider, wine or spirit and cheers to another success!

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery
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  1. Joe Boyer
    Joe Boyer says:

    Thank you for coming out to Springfest, you captured some great moments on film, and your review brought me right through the fest…Very Nicely Done!

  2. Steph Harding
    Steph Harding says:

    You are welcome Joe! Our writer and photographer had a great time…..thanks for having them!

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