ADA — Cricket noises, bugged eyes and a blank stare encompass the reaction given to me when asked if my mother would like to brew a beer together for Mother’s Day.

No comprehension, and all fear.

Little does my mother know that there is a way to brew beer that literally everyone can do.

Introducing extract home brewing,

Brewing beer is often thought as a process that is way too complicated and too time consuming. However, extract home brewing is the answer to less time, a less complicated process and minimal space solutions.

Everything literally fits in one box and can be done in anyone’s kitchen. And you don’t need to necessarily know the science behind what is happening. If you can follow the directions to an Easy Bake Oven, you can brew an extract home beer.

But where can you find the kits? Look no further than Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery and Supply in Ada.

Manager of the home brew shop supply part of Gravel Bottom, Chrissy Walker, hosts extract brewing events each month.

“The method behind my madness and my class — which is the kitchen brewing class — is more of the extract brewing because with extract brewing you don’t need as much space…is so touchable, so easy, like cooking, like baking, following directions and so easy,” she says.

“It has opened the eyes of so many people in the area, just because it is something you can do.”

Walker’s second kitchen brewing class is slated for May 30. A separate all-grain brew class is being hosted this Saturday.

“When people start asking too many questions, I like to remind them that this isn’t what it is about. Have fun with this! What I really enjoy seeing is moms and daughters just getting into it together. They don’t feel intimidated together and they really learn from one another,” Walker continues.

And if your nudge into the world of brewing continues, Gravel Bottom carries not only the extract brewing kits — but everything else you may possibly need to brew an award-winning homebrew.

There is a large wall of pre-made kits to pick your base. After you pick the base meander over to the flavor corner: Pick from purees, herbs, spices, flavors and oak chips to play around with to create your masterpiece. There is no wrong pick. You can even play around with cacao nibs and dried worm blood, while asking the Gravel Bottom team for assistance.

“I really enjoy seeing people’s eyes light up when I am talking to them,” says Walker.

If you like a specific Gravel Bottom beer on tap, you can also get a box of all the ingredients, plus the recipe used.

So grab your mother and get to work. Even if she’s not the beer type of gal, your mother will appreciate doing something with you, learning together and creating libatious memories.

And remember, like Chrissy says, “You don’t need to shut yourself off from the world. Do it at home, turn the TV on, blast the music and have fun!”

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery