To breach the topic of how to make an all-grain batch of beer, as well as what is important about the process, might take a millennium’s worth of discussion.

In order to avoid tangents and/or conflicting personal preference, this mini-podcast opens the discussion of why professional breweries make all-grain batches of beer. Their goal is to have complete control over the process, nothing else. Making all-grain beer vs. extract does not guarantee you will make better beer, however, it will offer you limitless customization of the beer you intend to make.

Listen in and join the discussion!

To learn more about the topics discussed, follow the links below or step into your local homebrew store to explore your options.

For an overview of all-grain brewing, click here. Within the pages of the free first edition of the book, you will find an amazing overview of the process and the important factors contributing to it.

For a primer on the Brew-In-A-Bag method, click here.

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