FERNDALE — It’s 12:01 a.m. and the Emperor of Oberon has been named, crowned and caped thanks to a lucky raffle draw. Most importantly, he has also been handed the first official glass of the infamous Bell’s Brewery craft beverage. To the eager crowd, Oberon means no more winter, and with that first sip, bar patrons collectively let out blissful sighs of last year’s spring and summer nostalgia.

One-Eyed Betty’s played host to this happy event, with customers and staff excited for a special Sunday release. Sure, most everyone in the room had to be up early this coming Monday for work, but everyone seemed content, frosty glass in hand.

Erika Vitkin, a Bell’s Brewery Field Representative for Southeast Michigan, distributed free swag and good cheer in honor of the event.

“Oberon is an annual staple on the Michigan timeline of beer releases,” she says. “It reminds everyone of something different — and for me — it’s hanging out on my porch back in college, and also, it’s just home.”

So while March weather in Michigan continues to play hot-and-cold with its residents, the craft industry has officially marked the start of spring. Oberon is here!

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