In the wake of a promised extension to winter so unapologetically perennial that the groundhog of fable would bite the very hand that feeds him, perhaps it is time that we take the metaphorical slap in the face and consider a different view on the winter around us.

Or, more simply, instead of making another porter, stout, or double IPA to stave off the cold, another alternative might be considered.

Acting as both a carrion call to spring and tip of the cap to a now favorite cocktail, this ginger beer recipe ought to prove a welcome reprieve from the trappings of the season.

Now, I don’t mean to claim that this beer will take the place of Goslings or Regatta ginger beer in your next Moscow Mule, but it certainly could do the cocktail justice if you were so inclined to try. Below, you will find both all-grain and extract versions of this 5-gallon recipe.

NOTE: This beer calls for one pound of fresh ginger; dry root will not compare.

All Grain: (calculated at 75% efficiency)

Grain Bill:
7# Briess 2 Row Pale
1# Briess Flaked Rice
1# Briess Caramel 10l

.5 oz Sorachi, 11.9%AAU @60
.5oz Sorachi, 11.9$AAU @30

Yeast: Fementis US-05, Whitle Labs WLP001 or Wyeast 1056

O.G.: 1.050

Procedure: Bring 4.5 gallons of strike water to 172 degrees Fahrenheit. Mash in to achieve a mash temp of roughly 150 degrees and rest for one hour. While mash rests, prepare 3.5 gallons of sparge water to 178 degrees. After recirculation and collection are complete there should be 6.5 gallons of pre-boil wort.

Once the boil has begun, slice the pound of ginger root into pieces roughly the size of candy corn. Add half of the ginger at the 30 minute mark, and the other half into the last five minutes of the boil. Other than the ginger additions, proceed with the boil as normal.

For extract: Replace the pale malt with 6# of Pilsen light LME or 5.5# Pilsen light DME. Replace the flaked rice with one pound of Rice Syrup Solids. For instruction on how to prepare the ginger, reference the procedure above. The Rice Syrup Solids should be added into the last five minutes of the boil.

To make a Moscow Mule with this delicious ale, simply sub in your home brew in the stead of commercially available ginger beer. Enjoy!

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery