CASCADE — Harvest Health Foods, with a mission to bring wholesome, nutritious foods to your local neighborhood, might seem like the last place to get quality Michigan brewed beer, ciders and wines.

But you’d be wrong.

With multiple locations in the West Michigan area, Harvest Health has been around for over 60 years, and has grown to meet the needs and demands of health conscious, knowledgeable clientele. Recent growth includes the addition of these beer and wines that meet those customers’ requests — oftentimes for organic and gluten-free product.

Like the food they carry, Harvest Health looks for local, small batch and hand-crafted beverage options. One such product that is available at its Cascade location is Crows Hard Cider, a cidery out of Northern Michigan which starts with organic apples grown regionally, and expands in so many wonderfully flavorful and fun directions while retaining the trueness of their apples.

At Harvest Health, you can purchase a few of Crows’ varieties, such as coffee, chai and peach, as well as its Gold Medal winning Ciderrye — a rye whiskey barrel aged hard cider. A light whiskey aroma, semi-dry with a crisp finish, the Ciderrye is well worth the price and something unique to bring to a friend’s house on a winter evening.

For those folks with gluten sensitivity who want to enjoy craft drinks, a cider is a great option.

The Cascade location incorporated a beer, wine and cider section into the store in October 2014.

“Our customers asked for it. We have wines from around the world that are using certified organic grapes, and sustainability and biodiversity in their farming practices. With our craft beers, we are all about supporting our local partners, but also carry beers from around the world,” said Kelley Ginter, the shop’s beer and wine buyer.

With a wide range of customers — from families looking to purchase GMO free products for their kids, to the college kid trying to eat something better than fast food on the weekends — Harvest Health Foods sheds pretension and welcomes everyone to its store.

“We stay true to how we buy any other product in the store — we scrutinize ingredients, look to be local and look to be good to the earth as well,” said Ginter.

“We are trying to make every customer’s shopping experience done and complete here, and offer a shopping experience with a healthier spin to it.”

Stop by and check out an ever-expanding collection of craft beers, and stay for a tasting — the next one is today! Who knows — you might find a new favorite beer to pair with the organic chuck roast and veg you make for dinner tonight.

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