Imperial Mud

12.5% ABV — Imperial Mud is an imperial stout with all of the qualities you would expect from the style. With a high ABV at 12.5%, Imperial Mud is the same recipe base as Kuhnhenn’s famous Michigan Mud. Brewed with Michigan malt and hops, the aroma is dominated by combination of them. The vanilla beans and cocoa nibs ease the bitter chocolate found in the brew.

As the beer warms, the bitterness calms and the chocolate notes come through. The taste is thrown back and forth from bitter to sweet and finishes with slight bitter chocolate on the tongue with a tingle. This imperial milk stout is huge and by the time you’re finished, the lace on the glass will be nothing but a reminder of the heat provided.

Michigan Hops Loonie Kuhnie Pale Ale

5.8% ABV — This limited-release batch of Loonie Kuhnie Pale Ale is brewed with exclusively with Michigan-grown hops from Top Hops in Goodrich. The brew is golden in color with very minimal head. The nose is sweet and very inviting.

There are a ton of fruity notes throughout this beer. Much like the aroma, the palate of this brew is outstanding and enjoyable. The taste is very clean and crisp and the finish is also smooth, making it very dangerous for a near 6% beer.

Samoa Nut Brown

6.7% ABV —  Who doesn’t like Girl Scout Cookies? Samoa Nut Brown is rich brown in appearance. At first waft, the nose is full of all the goodness that comes with a brown ale. It’s laced with a slight coconut aroma and a hint of yeast. The taste is purely nut, caramel and coconut. The body is medium and not too thick or thin. The finish will leave your palate full of sweetness that will linger with coconut.

Samoa is a very smooth brown ale in a world of overpowering IPAs and barrel aged brews, and tastes just like your favorite cookie.

Fluffer Session IPA

4.5% ABV — Typical to the modern day family structure, Fluffer Session IPA is often overshadowed by its big brother DRIPA. While it’s elder clocks in a 9.5% ABV, little brother Fluffer is concocted with all of the same ingredients and about half the alcohol with a 4.5% ABV tag.

This is a true session beer. The brew is clear as day and as golden as a sunrise. Citrusy hops dominate the nose and palate. Your first and last sips will be smooth as all get out and refreshing as can be. The body is light but filled with character, but not too sharp. Fluffer is clean and crisp with no blemishes on its resume.


Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery