Nestled in a small strip mall located between I-94 and the Ann Arbor Airport, you’ll find a party store that has one of the best craft beer selections in the area.

For over 10 years, Super Liquor IV has been quietly building its inventory of local and worldwide craft beverages. Under new ownership of Sam Abro for the last year and a half, it has taken a quick step forward toward becoming a resource for many beer enthusiasts.

Walk in the front door and you’ll notice you’re not in a typical university town party store. There are 34 cooler doors showcasing custom six pack options, large format bottles, ciders and more. Several main floor shelves also hold beer, divided into sections by state and country.

You’ll find many small batch offerings from over 16 countries and nearly every state that distributes its product to Michigan. If Super Liquor IV doesn’t carry it on the shelf, you can order it upon request.

“Any keg you want, any bottles you need, I’ll find for you and we’ll even deliver larger orders,” said Abro.

Plans for remodeling the store’s interior are in the works for after the holidays. Fluorescent lighting will be replaced with LED lights, and some additional cooler and shelf space will be given to craft beer.

There are three other locations of Super Liquor in the family, but the Ann Arbor location has “the largest selection of craft beer. They saved the best store for last,” joked store manager Matt Sexton.

Super Liquor I is located in Jackson, II is in Coldwater and III is in Adrian.

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