KALAMAZOO — In a time where beer and spirits are the growing trend, it takes something more than just selling to become a worthwhile bottle shop stop. That is why Salut promises so much more.

“People can go anywhere for beer,” says owner Joe Snyder. “What sets us apart from competitors is our exceptional customer service.”

Indeed, one can read it right in the bold print of Salut’s Mission, which not only promises service, but also quality product, cost savings and fair pricing as well. These notions were learned well by Snyder, a Business graduate from Western Michigan University who worked in surrounding beer and spirits venues before opening his own.

In an area as well-versed in the industry as Kalamazoo, Salut and its workers invite customers to learn as well as offer their own input. “Customers are very knowledgeable in this area of the state, [and] also very open-minded. So we make sure to steer customers who need help experiencing new ventures,” says Snyder.

New ventures such as the first bottle distribution of Perrin’s Killing Craft series, an imperial stout and a barley wine, both aged in bourbon barrels — “very exciting!” says Snyder.

For those who may be visiting Kalamazoo or for those not as familiar with the industry, Salut caters to everyone. Besides offering premier service in-store, its website keeps a growing “learn” section which gives readers tips and tricks for growing a beer and spirits knowledge-base. What’s a punt and why do wine bottles have it? Where is the Puglia region in Italy? Does Vodka age? Salut will tell you!

In addition to talking with customers the latest in beer, liquor, wine and cigar products, Salut also offers monthly wine tastings. During Kalamazoo Beer Week (Jan. 10-17), Salut will also be  hosting different beer sampling events daily.

Photo: Courtesy of Bell’s Brewery

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