GRAND RAPIDS — Rishi’s International Beverage is nothing short of a commercial local beer, wine and liquor store. Stepping through the front doors, thousands of bottles — all shapes, sizes, colors and ethnicities — as well as the friendly Rishi Makkar, greet you ready to serve your palate.
“I don’t think we do a single thing different than any other good independent doesn’t already do in West Michigan…and I can’t think of one asset that we have that someone doesn’t already have,” says Makkar. “Our focus has always been service — service, service, service and selection. I am proud to say that other independents do that very well too.”
The beauty of Rishi’s and the local West Michigan beer community is that so many of them are here to help one another. Consumers flock to their local beer stores because they enjoy their experience from beginning to end. From researching the beer, to their time spent visually stimulated in front of the shelves of beers, to finally the grand divine of the first sip awakening their palate.
It isn’t about getting the best deal in town but being loyal to genuine people.
Makkar says it best, “If your goal in business is to out do someone then you are in the business for the wrong reason. If you are here to help the consumer find the perfect fit for their palate, then you are in for the right reasons!”
At Rishi’s International Beverage, you will not leave empty handed — whether you walk out with the beverage[s] you sought for or maybe a couple more. And Makkar is always willing to special order a brew upon request.
Even after 17 years in business, at the stoplight near his store, Makkar shared, how he gets butterflies every single day driving into work. Now, if that doesn’t show one’s passion and love for what they do, than I don’t know what else does.

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