There was a lot to learn on Sunday as Brewery Ferment hosted Homebrewer’s Day as a part of Traverse City Beer Week.

Bryan Snyder, owner of Bad Teacher Brewing Supply, was on-site to guide attendees through the brewing process. Bad Teacher Brewing Supply recently celebrated its second anniversary and has seen a steady increase in business.

Schedules have slowed down from the summer, fruit has been harvested and the weather has gotten cooler.

“We’re entering our busy season,” stated Snyder.

Bad Teacher Brewing Supply is one of the few brewing supply stores in the area, and also offers educational workshops regularly. Beer week was a great opportunity for Snyder to reach out to a broader audience.

And Brewery Ferment was the perfect location for the event to take place. Dustin Jones, co-owner and head brewer of Brewery Ferment, is known for his experimental small batch brews. Focusing on local ingredients in small batches allows him to stay true to a recipe, without having to worry about large scale distribution.

Jones and Snyder worked together on the homebrewed belgian ale, brewed outside in the snow and rain. Participants were able to see the brewing process from start to finish. Ferment also offered beer specials and had the Lions game on TV.

Brewery Ferment is hosting a variety of other events throughout Traverse City Beer Week. To view the full schedule of events, visit

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