Ain’t No Sunshine When Saison

6% ABV — You might not think that smoke and fruit work together. Surprisingly, Ain’t No Sunshine pulls this off very well, in a sweet, peppered brew that is balanced well.

Banana, along with other citrus fruits, make for a crisp yet sweet fruity flavor, encompassed along with a peppered flavor as well. This medium bodied brew gives a decent amount of carbonation, making for a crisp, yet flavorful, finish to the brew. While it may not be the ideal brew for all, it is sure to please every fan of saison.

Chillin’ the Most Mosaic Lager

4.5% ABV — Utilizing Mosaic hops, Chillin’ the Most is a lager with a hint of sweetness to it. It features a bread-like flavor — common with lagers — but also features something that most don’t.

A subtle, bitter, dry hoppiness.

The result? An amazing combination of balance and a clean, smooth finish. It goes down easy — almost too easy. This brew is the right combination of hops with all that a lager offers.

Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery