Anyone who loves good craft beer can’t overlook the ever-growing Michigan beer scene. A rediscovered respect for beer has emerged over the past few years, especially with almost 200 breweries in the Mitten State. At MittenBrew, we believe that spreading the joy and love of Michigan craft beer is important, thus we’ve set our sights on uncapping the story of Michigan beer, one brewery at a time.

MittenBrew considers brewing beer an art form. It is a craft after all. When we think of beer, we think of sophistication. Like any craft, there is an artist, and we have the greatest respect for those in the brewing industry — we’re here to tell their stories. So grab your mug, growler, pint glass…and let’s talk about Michigan beer.

In October 2014, we made the decision to start covering Michigan spirits, ciders and meads. Now you can find coverage of your favorite distilleries and cider makers on MittenBrew.

Who We Are: Our team is backed by journalism professionals and Michigan beer and spirit lovers.

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