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Jolly Pumpkin to Open Restaurant and Brewery in Chicago

By  •  October 25, 2016

…Chicago, IL—Jolly Pumpkin is heading across Lake Michigan to open a new restaurant and bar in Chicago. Jolly Pumpkin has announced it will be opening a location in…
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Detroit Fall Beer Festival: The Rise of the Spice

By  •  October 25, 2015

Not that long ago, pumpkin spice did not invade every aspect of our society. Oh, sure, there were pumpkin pies, pumpkin muffins, and the occasional pumpkin cheesecake. But one couldn’t …
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Jolly Pumpkin set to release Lupulo de Hielo

By  •  September 6, 2011

…DEXTER — For the second consecutive year, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales is special releasing Lúpulo de Hielo, a spiced pumpkin brew. Brewed by Jolly Pumpkin to help raise awareness…
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Just a sample of Jolly Pumpkin

By  •  May 17, 2011

…explored, until recently, was Jolly Pumpkin Restaurant, Brewery, Distillery. While Traverse City isn’t Jolly Pumpkin’s primary brewery (Dexter is home with another operation in Ann Arbor), the location still offers…
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North Peak and Jolly Pumpkin Launch TART Trails Sponsorship

By  •  November 21, 2016

…Traverse City, MI—Northern United Brewing Company, parent company to North Peak and Jolly Pumpkin, is pleased to announce a yearlong sponsorship with TART Trails, a Traverse City non-profit organization…
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Jolly Pumpkin Hosts Michigan’s First Zwanze Day Event

By  •  October 19, 2016

Zwanze Day is a fictitious holiday created by Jean Van Roy, owner and brewmaster of Brasserie Cantillon. His intention is to celebrate and honor the playful spirit of the people …
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Jolly Pumpkin La Parcela

By  •  October 9, 2012

…with “Pumpkin” in its name didn’t even make a pumpkin beer, but all that changed a couple years ago when Jolly Pumpkin unveiled La Parcela No. 1 Pumpkin Ale, a…
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Jolly Pumpkin opens fourth location in Midtown

By  •  April 13, 2015

There’s this phenomenon occurring right now on Canfield in Detroit. On one corner representing an older, distinguished Detroit, there’s Traffic Jam and Snug, the first brew-pub in Michigan. On the other …
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