GRAND HAVEN — Odd Side Ales boasted a packed house by 10:30 a.m. on Black Friday. Opening at 9 a.m. for the die-hards, Odd Side released its limited edition Morningwood Stout — a 9% ABV barrel aged coffee stout that packs a punch-slightly sour, slightly chocolatey and affably sweet.

Christopher Michner, Odd Side’s owner and ‘Emperor of Ales’ was behind the bar, pouring beers and chatting with customers.

“[Morningwood Stout] is aged in Heaven Hills barrels this year as opposed to Markers Mark [like last year],” he said. “Last year, we had only 400 bottles, this year we have 180 cases, and they are 12 ounce, not 22 ounce bottles. We did 30 barrels as opposed to seven or so we did last year.”

A definite increase in quantity, a slight twist in flavor profile, but overall the same old — ahem — wood that Odd Siders have grown to love.

Them2Guys provided entertainment as the customers — many in pajamas — lounged in the relaxed Odd Side taproom. Many drank pints filled to the brim with the special release; some have brought their own breakfasts. One particular group even setup its own electric griddles on barrels, cooking pancakes, eggs and sausage to order.

Despite the crowd, it was easy to grab a drink in house and a few in bottles for the road. In line, we meet Dale Taylor, a member of the Muskegon Ottawa Brewers (M.O.B.), who shared with us the powers of Morningwood. Get the dirty thoughts out of your head, folks — I’m talking about beer.  Apparently, a few years back, a bunch of guys in PJs got together to drink at Odd Side on release day, and all realized they were homebrewers in some fashion or another. Hence, M.O.B. is born, and with it, Pigeon Hill Brewing and Unruly Brewing — started by members of the group.

After a pint or two, our morning ends as Them2Guys plays the official, unofficial theme song: “Sarah put the kegger on, we’ll all have beer. Damn good beer.”