A move away from bustling Downtown Traverse City might have been a brave and bold move for Right Brain Brewery, but customers and its new neighborhood have embraced the change.

Its original location — in the now popular Warehouse District — became known for its eclectic collection of furniture, its low-key, non-bar-esque atmosphere, and, of course, a unique selection of microbrews.

Why would a business move away from the area in which it had become prosperous? To expand the brewhouse, of course.

Right Brain originally brewed in just 900 square feet, and as its success grew, ample brewing space dwindled. The brewery now has a vast 12,000 square feet for brewing. This allows it to keep up with demand — distribution is soon expanding to Ann Arbor and Lansing — and also plan for the future.

The new, larger location can be found in the recently formed “SoFo district.” It still has the same Right Brain atmosphere, complete with barber’s chairs, couches and picnic tables made with scrap wood.

The new location has also allowed Right Brain to transcend beyond being just a brewery. “The SoFo neighborhood has been grateful to have us. We really have become an advocate for creativity,” said Leif Kolt, Events and Marketing Coordinator.

With more space, Right Brain has been able expand its operations to include more community events. In the months since they have reopened, they have hosted a variety of events: From a balloon bouncing competition on New Year’s Eve to a Tweetup on Michigan’s birthday to benefit Goodwill Industries.

On Feb. 4, Right Brain is hosting an exclusive beer dinner along with Roaming Harvest (a local food truck which can often be found outside the pub). The dinner will feature five courses paired with Right Brain brews.

While Right Brain has become a “cultural hub,” it hasn’t lost touch with the great beer we have come to love. Using local products and culinary inspiration, new creative brews are fully researched before being brewed on a full-scale operation. This process has brought to life craft beers featuring flavors of mint, chipotle, Thai peanut and even pork/bacon.

With the success of their creativity, Right Brain recently started bottling its beer and, throughout January, has released a different brew each week. Bottled beers include CEO Stout, Looping Owl and Mangalitsa Pig Porter.

The bottle releases will conclude with an Imperial Release Party on February 8. The release party will feature a Pink Floyd laser light show and the exclusive Imperial Series 4-Pack (only 300 will be made).

Despite its move from the eclectic warehouse district, Right Brain remains the place where you can find someone working on their laptop in the afternoon and return in the evening to meet friends for the best Traverse City has to offer: Creativity, foodie inspiration and quality craft beer.