14.5% ABV, Draft

Appearance: Deep opaque brown with a thin mocha brown head that quickly dissipates.
Aroma: Incredible — warm vanilla and smooth bourbon, dark fruits, molasses… a lot going on here.
Taste: Follows in a similar key as the smell — a touch more bourbon in the body, more dark fruits, sweet, sticky caramel malts and vanilla. Smooth finish with the sweet body giving way to the bourbon, with a pleasant warming touch.
Mouthfeel: Coating, pleasant mouthfeel. Very smooth for how massive this beer is. Appropriately limited carbonation.

As a lover of old ales, Bells put out one of my personal favorites a few years back; Batch 9000, its second to last installment of the Batch series. A gorgeous deep plum hue with a deep nose of dark fruits, licorice, sweet sticky malts and pleasantly mellow alcohol notes. This beer has only gotten better with age, and has a place among my favorites of all time.

Imagine my excitement when I heard Laura Bell say “and here we have the last of our Batch 9000,” (good), “which is currently aging in those bourbon barrels over there” (insanely good).  So after I collected my jaw from the floor and pestered Laura about the release details, I was back in Kalamazoo to collect my bottles from the general store. The brilliance of Bell’s really shines through with this one, elevating a great beer to something even better. It is truly something special, and I would definitely recommend you get your hands on a glass, if you’re lucky enough to find it, that is.