6.5% ABV, Can

Appearance: Golden color, no head.
Aroma: Apple, slightly sour and subtle honey.
Taste: Begins slightly sweet, turns tart and finishes dry and crisp.
Mouthfeel: Medium body, moderate to high carbonation.

Uncle John’s Apple Draught Hard Cider is exactly what it advertises; and that is exactly what I want when I buy a hard cider. While some ciders can be too sweet and syrupy, others far too dry or tart to consume, this cider has a really nice balance of subtle honey sweetness, a pervasive tartness and a slightly floral, dry finish. Though some ciders are meant to be more complex (those made with additional flavors like raspberry, vanilla, hazelnut, etc.), this beverage is just a good ole “standard” cider. It didn’t take more than a few sips before I muttered to myself, “that’s legit.”