The first batch of beer I brewed was a Weizenbock back in January 2011.

That was 10 batches ago.

As a Christmas gift from my wife the month prior, I received a home brewing kit. And I’m not talking about some Mr. Beer Kit (no offense to those who use one). What I received was more than I expected. And that’s when it all started.

It was a “basic” brew kit that included food-grade fermenting and bottling buckets, airlock, bottle filler, hydrometer, thermometer, auto-siphon, bottle capper and all kinds of stuff that I had no idea about at the time.

I’m pretty sure she’s been regretting her decision ever since.

From the time of my first batch to now, I’ve acquired countless additional items for home brewing including wort chillers, glass carboys and more fermenting buckets, just to name a few things. Not to mention the purchase of countless extract kits.

Oh, I also forgot to mention the part where I bought a kegerator and started kegging my homebrew. And because one is not enough, I recently upgraded and went with the double faucet tap and another keg.

Sure, it’s been a slight point of contention between my wife and I. But, I always win because I can simply say, “you started it!” She made that argument way too easy for me.

But aside from whole spending money thing, there are so many great things about home brewing.

First off, it’s fun! To me, the whole idea of creating your very own batch of beer is a very, very cool thing.

For a craft beer enthusiast like myself, to partake in something you enjoy and are passionate about, there’s nothing better. And for some, the dream of creating their own beer may not always come to fruition.

People don’t realize that home brewing isn’t just the actual act of brewing. There’s much more to it than that.

My favorite part of brewing my own beer is sharing it with others. To pour a pint, hand it to someone and see their reaction is an amazing feeling. And to say, “I made that” is an even better feeling.

Some people do it for hobby. For others, it’s a lifestyle.

For me, I think it falls somewhere in between. It’s a great hobby that I love and maybe one day if I’m lucky enough, that hobby could become a lifestyle…just like a simple Christmas gift became a hobby.